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The Laserworld brand spans all products manufactured by the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG from the entry-level to the lower professional range. Within the Laserworld Group, the show laser systems branded Laserworld are meant for beginners, semi professional users, nightclubs,m mobile DJs and as easy-handling units for smaller rental companies. The product series range from consumer-level Garden Lasers through entertainer-level stand-alone-operating units to professionally controllable laser systems with ILDA interface (for computer control).

These are the products series of the Laserworld brand, ordered by level of professionality (increasing order):

Historic development of the Laserworld brand:

The Laserworld brand has been established around 2003 and turned to the main brand of the Laserworld (Switzerland) AG. Lasers branded Laserworld were originally designed as low priced, entry-level laser systems for beginners, but with the growing of the brand, semi professional to professional units were added soon, e.g. the Laserworld Purelight Series that was established around 2006. The reliability and the easy accessible after sales service made Laserworld products well-known world wide within short notice.

Philosophy behind the product range

Show laser light systems branded Laserworld have always been designed to meet the criteria of a broad market. The extremely low prices combined with the comparably great product quality made the products well recognized, which lead to them being sold by all majpor sound&light retailers in Europe, at many in the United States and other countries all around the world.

The Laserworld brand is extended to the more professional and high end levels by further brands of the Laserworld Group, like RTI and tarm.

Laserworld laser products

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