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Brand: Laserworld Showeditor


Laserworld Showeditor is a professional laser show control software and is distributed by Laserworld since 2007/2008. There have been several generations of product development. Since the 2015 generation of the software, the whole software-hardware-setup has been switched to the latest LAN technology. 

The Laserworld Showeditor laser software can be used for Live as well as for Timeline laser shows. There are more than 250 free lasershows available for the Laserworld Showeditor.

Three different versions of Laserworld Showeditor are available:


The Laserworld Showeditor FREE is a free laser show software version that is capable to export own graphics, animations and figures to the standard ILDA format and thus make them compatible to SD-card playback systems or other ILDA software products.


More details on the Laserworld Showeditor: 

More details on the Laserworld Showeditor FREE: 


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